Suitcase full of Makeup!

vintage_woman_with_vintage_luggageHello hello!!
So, I travel almost all the time! I feel like I’m never in one place for more than a couple weeks before I’m off visiting family in New Jersey, Toronto or Cleveland… I get asked a lot – how do you pack all your makeup?!?! Now – I’m (pat myself on the back) a pretty well seasoned traveler. I’ve been traveling on my own for a really long time and I’ve got packing and unpacking almost down to an art. Being a single mom I’m also very use to traveling alone with my daughter…. When you travel with kids, you tend to pack everything AND the kitchen sink but traveling alone you learn pretty fast you can’t manage a kid and three hundred bags… So, I’m getting better and better at packing just the essentials! Same could be said about makeup – I use to pack EVERYTHING – and I mean everything – I use to have almost a completely DIFFERENT suitcase FULL of my makeup and beauty things… over the years I’ve realized – “Oh, I didn’t use that” or “I really didn’t need to bring that” So – this is how I travel right now and I’m usually always pretty happy with what I bring…

300First thing first – skin routine products… Ie, my facial wash, toner and creams. Obviously at home it’s okay to have a face wash for morning, night, this time of year and that. I have a ton of exfoliators, washes and more… when I travel I bring one and one facial cleanser only. My trusted and beloved Olay Pore Minimizing Cleanser & Scrub. I also have, at home, a ton of creams – eye creams, hand cream, body cream, day cream, night cream, heavy …well you get the idea! When I travel – again I bring ONE cream for everything! This, if you haven’t already tried it, is one of the best creams I’ve ever used. You can use it on your body & face which makes for MORE room in your vanity bag/area. It’s SKIN MD Natural Shielding Lotion. This cream is amazing for dry skin but also helps with acne, wrinkles, everything! It’s an amazing product!
skinmd_4oz-reg-whLastly – in terms of face cleaning products I bring my makeup wipes, of course. That’s it – depending on where I’m going and for how long I sometimes leave my Clarisonic at home, leave my toners, and all my other creams. If I’m going somewhere for a really long time and I have the room, I’ll pack a couple of those things and bring them with me.

Now – on to makeup! You have to think of essentials… it’d be nice if we could all travel with a ton of bags and suitcases but of course – due to a silly thing like “baggage restrictions” and extra baggage fees you’re usally limited in what you can and can’t travel with! A good friend, who knows I travel all the time, bought me a super handy and very cute little traveling case from Sephora. I never EVER go anywhere without it. It holds everything and is the perfect size for traveling.

photoI bring my foundation, concealer, setting powder, my beauty blender and my face primer. I pack one mascara, a bunch of different eyeliners, a black gel liner, my blush palette, and a couple brushes. In terms of brushes, you really only need a large one for setting powder and blush, a flat one for eye shadow, a liner brush, and a blending brush. Now that I have my nifty little carrying case I can pack a couple more! I bring one or two palettes with me depending on when and where I’m going. The LORAC Pro Palette is an amazing palette to travel with because you can do everything with it – day looks, everyday, night, and events! If it’s summer/spring I’ll bring a colorful palette too – in case I wanna do something fun! Palettes are great because they travel well and include a number of eye shadows that go great together! If you don’t currently own any makeup palettes some of my favorites are: the LORAC Pro Palette, Naked 1 and Naked 2 by Urban Decay, and Marc Jacob’s Lolita Palette. I usually have one, two or all with me when I travel!

Hope this helped ya a little and good luck packing all your beautiful goodies the next time you travel!

Have a wonderful week!

As always,



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